(Re)Introducing Mic Check IPA

Tuesday, July 13 2021

Some of you may recall a certain beer we used to brew called Mic Check IPA. The original intent of this beer was to feature a rotating selection of hops. As time went on, production changed and a pandemic happened, Mic Check sat on the back burner. As we get back into the swing of normalcy however, Dave figured it’d be the perfect time to reintroduce Mic Check through our 1bbl pilot system!

With the only parameter being a 6.5% abv, the possibilities are limitless! Some may feature experimental hops, some may be total juice bombs, and who knows, we may even toss in a black IPA! Regardless, these small batch brews will be released every periodically in our tasting room only with the possibility for draft only or cans and draft.

Mic Check #1, out for release this Friday 7/16, is a definite New England IPA juice bomb featuring Motueka, Nelson and Citra hops. Dave and I pulled a sample off the zwickel last night and got notes of lime, peach and coconut. Super soft and pillowy, there was the slightest bitterness that held up the bouquet of hop flavors. We couldn’t have hoped for a better beer to kick off our Mic Check series.

Now you may be asking yourself “how do I keep track of which Mic Check I had?” I’ll be adding to our our beers page every time we release one with it’s respective packaging date, IPA style and hops, as well as publishing a write-up here in our blog. For all you Untappd users, each beer will be added as it’s own separate entry (you can already find “Mic Check IPA #1”). If you happen to stumble across the old entry for Mic Check on our Untappd page (I’ve buried it as deep as possible with warning signs) please ignore it give yourself the appropriate check in and find the new entry.

Anyways, we hope to see you here this Friday! Cheers to hoppy beers, live music, Rollin’ Pizza Co. and free popcorn.

– Liam