October News


We’ve got plenty going on at both breweries this month, including SoMetoberfest and Harvestfest, as well as some updates on food trucks, music and events as we continue into the quieter season.

I won’t dive too deep into SoMetoberfest (you can find more details here), and as always, I will highlight new beers we have coming this October at the bottom (mmm, cinnamon).



We just so happen to be located across the street from the Beach Ball Field at YBBC, so why not come say hello! We’re psyched that Harvestfest is back this year (October 16th, 9am-4pm), and to celebrate York’s annual Fall festival, we’re opening at 11am that day! Come on by for beers, cider and Rollin’ Pizza Co.


Parking around the Short Sands area is free after October 15! This of course includes the York’s Wild Kingdom lot, so plenty of free parking will once again be available. We’ll likely use our Ridge Road lot throughout the rest of the Fall for extra seating, so bear with us as that may change due to weather.


We seemed to luck out in September with fairly mild temperatures in the evening, but as we get deeper into October and the sun sets earlier, we figured now is the perfect time to move our fire tables at the Beach up to the patio. Nothing screams Fall quite like a fire at night and a cold beer in hand, so pull up a chair!

We just ask that you do not turn on the fire tables yourself. The bartender will be more than happy to help you out!


This Thursday (tomorrow), join us at YBBC for our Pints & Pens Moderna Calligraphy Class. Visit here for more details.

And on Saturday the 23rd, come on down for our Fall Slate Paint Night! Visit here for more details. 


Joining us from Alabama, we’d like to formally welcome our third member of the brewery crew, Eric Tollson!


We have food scheduled most days and music regularly scheduled this month every Friday and Sunday at YBBC! We do have music starting at different times this month depending on the Sunday game time for our local football team (we do have cable again!), so be sure to double check our schedule.

Visit the Trucks and Tunes page on the YBBC site to view the full schedule, or follow us on Twitter.

In addition to music every Friday at 5:30 at SoMe this month, we also have Blues and Brews on the schedule for October 16th! Visit our events page to see more.


Lost in Germany – Kellerpils Lager: Our dry-hopped Kellerpils Lager returns to SoMe this month! A shorter lagering time leaves this beer with a raw, unfiltered and crisp taste, and the addition of Hallertau Blanc hops adds wonderful white wine grape notes to the beer. Learn More

Cinnamon Toast – Altbier: Ahh, Cinnamon Toast. A local favorite around here, Cinnamon Toast is our malty German style Ale with cinnamon! A fall treat of a beer for sure, look for this one at the end of the month. Learn More

By The Way (YBBC) – American Double IPA: We love our New England IPAs at York Beach Beer Co., but we decided it was time to do something a little more left coast. I love a classic American Double IPA, so I’m pretty hyped for this one.

Mic Check #2 – India Pale Ale: We’re in the final stages of determining what this next batch of Mic Check will be, so stay tuned! This batch will be larger than our first, so we do plan on having cans availalbe. Learn more about our Mic Check IPA series


Cheers, Liam.