Dave and David Rowland, Father, Son, and Owners of Some Brewing Company LLC, have worked together for years. Dave worked for Gale Nurseries, a design/build landscape firm outside of Philadelphia, for 34 years and worked his way up from laborer to Chief Operations Officer. (David would also come to work there for many years) After he “Retired,” he started his own construction company in Lake Placid, NY where Dave did everything from general care taking to building houses.

David went into education right out of college as a High School History teacher. He also began home brewing right out of college and became very driven, brewing several times a week and reading and researching his craft with intense determination. Due to budget cuts, David lost his teaching job after 10 years and went to work for his Father again. Up in Lake Placid, he and Dave began brewing even more. As time went on and David was “reverse commuting” back to Northern New Jersey every weekend to see his wife, it became clear that something needed to change and Jen began to push him to explore opening a brewery and pursue their dream in earnest. (Hell of a Lady and an amazing Guidance Counselor! Also responsible for the brewery Name and Whoopie Pie Stout idea!)

York, Maine was a special place for David and his wife Jen. They vacationed here for years and always dreamed of eventually moving here as it was a great compromise for the two. (David would live on the side of a mountain and Jen, New York City. But both loved the Ocean, Maine, and York’s close proximity to both City and Mountains.) As Dave and David began planning out the brewery, York was always the location. Dave didn’t get it initially, but after the first trip, he also fell in love with York. This is about the time that Leslie, Dave’s wife and David’s mother started to come around to the idea and after many long conversations and compliments, Leslie came on board and helped finance the project (She is a Saint!)

By July of 2013, space at 1 York St was secured, the town was on board and Equipment ordered. After the Government Shut down in October, SoMe began brewing and Officially opened its doors on December 14th of 2013. SoMe opened on a small 3 Barrel Brewhouse with only 4 Fermenters and one Brite Tank. Quickly, more fermenters were added, another Brite, and eventually a Bottling Line. By June of 2015, SoMe was in need of expansion again and took over 1500sq/ft directly next door. A new 7 Barrel brewhouse was installed with 3-7bbl and 3-15bbl Fermenters and a 1 Barrel “Pilot” system was also installed for fun stuff! In April of 2016, SoMe began canning and planning a third expansion!

After securing the 33 Railroad Ave. building and installing a 10 Barrel system in the downtown Short Sands area, York Beach Beer Company officially opened in March of 2019 as the “sister brewery” to SoMe. The Beach features its own lineup of sessionable beach style brews in a fun, laid-back environment right off of Short Sands beach.

Come say hello to the family (at least one of them is always around), pull up a chair, and enjoy one of our 12 beers on tap, or grab a few 4-packs to go. Cheers!