May 24th is a huge step forward and we are excited about the progress that we’ve all made. To continue moving forward and be in compliance with CDC Guidelines, we request NON-VACCINATED individuals wear masks inside our tasting room. Masks may be removed when outside by any individual.

Vaccinated but still feel like wearing a mask? That’s cool! Our staff, though fully vaccinated, will continue to wear face masks inside at this time, because that’s what we feel like doing. Please be respectful of anyone’s choice, staff or guest, regarding continued use of face masks.

Our plexiglass barriers will continue to hang at the bar. All cleaning processes will remain in place, including our neon “green means clean” blocks, which denote the tables and chairs have bveen properly sanitized between guests. The State no longer requires us to do Contact Tracing, nor are there limits on party size (though we may not always have tables available to accomodate large groups when busy!). We still ask that you STAY HOME if you feel ill, have been around someone feeling ill, or have recently been in contact with a positive individual. Curbside pickup is still an option, for those that do not feel comfortable coming inside.

Thank you in advance for being respectful and complying with CDC Guidelines!


Sunday-Thursday: 12-7PM

Friday/Saturday: 12-8PM

We are incredibly appreciative of your support over the last year, and we are looking forward to our third year of operation! Thank you in advance for complying with our guidelines, and enjoy those beers!

Check out these links for more information:

Latest updates from the state:

We are incredibly appreciative of your support over the past few months and we are looking forward to welcoming everyone back in the safest way possible! We thank you in advance for complying with these guidelines!! Cheers!!