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Apostrophe IPA
American IPA - 6%

Our flagship beer, Apostrophe is a 6% American IPA featuring British Malts, flaked oats and 100% mosaic hops. A tropical pineapple and pine nose gives way to a balanced and lightly bitter body underneath. Found somewhere between a west coast and New England style IPA, Apostrophe is always a reliable go to.

Whoopie Pie Stout
Milk Stout - 6.3% ABV

Maine's favorite dessert, the whoopie pie, in liquid form! This milk stout aged on cocoa and vanilla checks all of the right boxes.

Crystal Persuasion
Double Pale Ale - 8.2%

Our Double Pale Ale, Crystal delivers hints of sweet, bready malt and a lemon-citrus zing from the use of Crystal hops on the nose, leading into a smooth and dangerously drinkable body underneath.

Mainely IPA
Session IPA - 5.1%

Starting in 2020, we tweaked with the yeast and the dry hop in our flagship session IPA to give it a more modern taste. Brewed with Maine grown malt and hopped with Galaxy and Citra, Mainely is a crushable go-to for any time of the year.

Agamenticus Amber
American Amber Ale - 4.7%

Go for a hike. Have an Aggie. This classic American Amber Ale is the perfect companion for a cooler day, and is named for our mountain in town.

Peanut Butter Whoopie Pie
Milk Stout - 6.3%

Whoopie pies and peanut butter go together like flannel and bean boots. When you already make a whoopie pie stout, why not add a peanut butter twist? When it's your wife's idea, you don't even question it! This beer is brewed with lactose, aged on cocoa, vanilla, and natural peanut butter flavoring to pay homage to the decadent treat that we all know and love.

Peanut Butter Jelly Pie
Milk Stout - 6.3%

We made Whoopie Pie Stout. Then we made Peanut Butter Whoope. After that, it was Raspberry Whoopie Pie Stout. Seems like the natural progression to make to a Peanut Butter and Jelly Whoopie Pie Stout... This is getting ridiculous, but it tastes so good.

Morning Whoopie
Milk Stout - 6.3%

Who doesn't love a little in the morning? Coffee that is. We LOVE coffee. Especially a dark roast from our friends at Anthony's Small Batch Coffee Roasters. So we add their espresso roast right into our classic Whoopie Pie Milk Stout and here you go!

Raspberry Whoopie Pie
Milk Stout - 6.3%

Yet another twist on our flagship, Whoopie Pie Stout. This milk stout not only has chocolate, vanilla, and lactose, but a large amount of raspberry puree added into secondary fermentation. This beer will give you silky chocolate notes upfront and a delightful raspberry finish. You asked. We listened.

Campfire Whoopie
Milk Stout - 6.3%

It's summertime and who doesn't like some S'mores by the fire? We sure do! This riff on our classic Whoopie Pie Stout dials up the chocolate, adds some graham cracker notes, and marshmallows. Enjoy it by the fire, the ocean, the pillow fort you built in your living room while your wife was out shopping... or anywhere good friends gather. It's up to you.

Pumpkin Whoopie Pie
Milk Stout - 6.3%

This is our fall version of our whoopie pie stout. Yes, it's still got lactose, cocoa and vanilla in it. This time we added real pumpkin to the mash and a blend of fall spices to give it that kick you were looking for.

Gingerbread Whoopie
Milk Stout - 6.5%

A seasonal twist on our classic Maine Milk Stout. Using gingerbread cookies in the mash and molasses, lactose, and spices in the boil, this sweet stout is perfect for those that also want to drink their dessert! We hope you enjoy with friends and family, by a warm fire, or after a day in the snow. Honestly, enjoy it wherever works for you! Just enjoy responsibly. Cheers!

Whoopie A.F.
Milk Stout - 6.5%

Whoopie Pies are the state dessert. Coffee brandy is the state liquor. So we took our flagship milk stout, aged it in brandy barrels, and finished it with some locally roasted coffee. Now this beer is Maine A.F.

Big Whoop
Imperial Milk Stout - 9.0%

Brewed every year for a release on our anniversary, Big Whoop is an imperial version of our Whoopie Pie Stout aged in Bourbon barrels for three months. Thank you for supporting your local brewery!

Vintages: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

Get Sendy
New England IPA - 5.5%

We never grew up. We still love bikes as much as we did as kids, or maybe more. Now it's mountain bikes instead of BMX. Despite our age, we still think we are kids and try to jump off anything and everything, no matter how dumb we look and we don't even care bro. It's just fun. As adults, it's also fun to have a beer (or 2) after a day of riding single track or slaying park laps. It's also nice when that beer isn't 8% or higher. So we teamed up with our friends at Trails N' Ales to create a post ride beverage that packs all the flavors and aromas you crave, without the high ABV so you can have more than one (with some water of course) and still function. Get sendy bro.

DDH Apostrophe IPA
New England IPA - 6.8%

We took our flagship IPA, played with the yeast, dry hopped it at the end of fermentation, and then again afterwards. The results are a juicer, more modern IPA, still coming in at 6% abv

Super Lead IPA
New England IPA - 6.5%

We make music. We make beer. We make music themed beer. Classic NEIPA malt backbeat with fruity notes (see what we did there?). Crank it to 10 so it breaks up nicely and try not to annoy your neighbors too much. Long live rock.

Apostrolox IPA
New England IPA - 7%

Apostrolox is a double dry-hopped combination of Apostrophe IPA and Goldilox. Heavy notes of citrus and mango dominate.

American IPA - 7.5%

The big brother of Mainely, this Citra-Galaxy dry hopped American IPA gives you a nice kick of citrus with bready malt undertones and a lingering bitterness that keeps it very balanced.

American IPA - 7.2%

This American IPA features Golden Promise malt, 25% flaked oats and 100% El Dorado hops. Notes of candy, fruity pebbles and lemon are present in the nose and taste.

Quotation Mark
Double New England IPA - 8%

“Quotation Mahhhk” as we say, this double version of our flagship ale Apostrophe brings the pine and tropical pineapple flavors from Mosaic hops to the next level. Balanced by a modern yeast strain that keeps the dankness in check, this smooth-bodied New England IPA is sticky enough to remind you that it’s an 8% double.

American Imperial IPA - 8.0%

Our “Vermont” style Imperial IPA, Goldilox is a hybrid between old school West Coast IPAs and modern, hazy New England juice bombs. Dry hopped with Citra and few other friends, Goldilox hits all of the right notes.

Mic Check IPA #1
New England IPA - 6.5%

Packaged on 7/13/2021 - New England IPA brewed with Nelson, Motueka and Citra hops.

Mic Check IPA #2
New England IPA - 6.5%

PACKAGED ON 11/15/21 - Featuring Talus and Citra hops. Always tinkering. Always evolving. Always keeping on keeping on. This beer features HOPS! What hops? It's new every time. Mic Check 1, 2, 1, 2...

Short Game
American Lager - 4.5%

The brewer made this thinking it would help his short game. It didn't. Our pale lager is everything you want for after a day on the course. Light, crisp and crushable.

Sit Still Pils
Czech Pilsner - 5.0%

Our Czech style Pils, Sit Still is a light, delicate pilsner balanced by a mild bready sweetness and spicy, floral hop notes.

Lost In Germany
Keller Pils - 5.3%
Keller Pils Style Lager Dry-Hopped w/ Hallertau Blanc. Tasting Notes: Light & Crisp with notes of white grape/ sauvignon blanc.
Long Waltz
Vienna Lager - 5.6%

Brewed with Vienna Malt, this malty but light lager is an approachable and crisp beer for Fall and Winter days.

SoMe Helles
Helles Lager - 5.7%

Our version of the classic Munich lager, this beer is crisp and light allowing you to enjoy responsibly all day. Whether you are at a festival or in your backyard, this lager should bring a "bright" smile to your face.

SoMe Märzen
Oktoberfest Marzen - 5.9%

The official beer of "Sometoberfest," our own mini Oktoberfest, this version of a traditional Marzen style lager is full bodied, malty and crisp and is meant to be enjoyed with many friends and family while enjoying the fall weather. Prost!

Beep Bock Boop
Helles Bock - 7%

We have a good time brewing our beers. We have Inside jokes, many with characters that have backgrounds, accents and other silly details. Not all of us think these "characters" are as funny as we do though. Luckily, we reached a compromise on the label art, but in an effort to further troll those people, we give you Beep Bock Boop. This beer is a strong pale Helles Bock style lager that only a Zumba instructor named Morgan that built a self-aware robot could concoct. Prost y'all!

Nubble Weiss
Berliner Weiss - 4.2%

Lightly tart, refreshingly fruity, and infinitely crushable, Nubble Weiss is a berliner-weiss style sour with raspberries.

Double Nubble
Double Sour Ale - 8%
Double Nubble is an imperial version of our Nubble Weiss Berliner style Sour Wheat with Raspberry puree. We've cranked it up to 8% and added twice the raspberry puree and even some lactose.
Dune Buggy Kolsch
Kolsch - 4.7%

Our summer Kölsch, Dune Buggy is a crisp, light bodied German style ale.

Hefeweizen - 5.7%

Our seasonal summer wheat ale, Denthead is is brewed with German Hefeweizen yeast, giving notes of banana and clove backed by a smooth, wheat driven body, and best consumed on our patio under the sun.

Cinnamon Toast
Altbier - 5.4%

Based on the traditional German style alt beer, this ale is malty and bready. A healthy dose of cinnamon takes us to the breakfast table on a fall morning.

Foghorn Coffee Porter
American Porter - 7.2%

This smooth-bodied porter delivers just the right amount of local Anthony's roasted coffee.

Sugar What?
Imperial Amber Ale - 8.0%

Brewed in celebration of sap season, Sugar What? is an imperial version of our Agamenticus Amber Ale aged in bourbon barrels with maple syrup added.

Impy Ocie
Imperial Oatmeal Stout - 9.5%

Impy Ocie is an Imperial version of our Ocie's Oatmeal Stout that is aged in local Wiggly Bridge Distillery bourbon barrels.

Boon Lite Lager
American Light Lager - 4.4%

Boon Lite Lager is our lightest beer yet, brewed for the times when all you want is a cold one, but still want to support your local brewery. Named for the lesser known lighthouse in York, Boon Lite is brewed with rice and comes in at a crushable 4.4% ABV.

Flannel Sombrero
Flannel Sombrero is simple. It's light, it's refre...

Flannel Sombrero is simple. It's light, it's refreshing, and it's damn tasty after a long day on the beach. Bring it camping. Drink it in your backyard. Be spontaneous and put a lime wedge in it. In any case, kick back and enjoy the sunshine.

Boom Box
Keller Pils - 5.3%

This American Keller-Pils, meaning "from the cellar," is a younger and more unfiltered version of Pilsner. Boom Box is dry hopped with Hull Melon hops, which gives the nose and taste a melon-hop flavor that'll leave light beer drinkers and hop heads alike satisified.

Wit Hot American Summer
Belgian Style Witbier - 4.6%

Coming in at crushable 4.6% abv, this Belgian Style Witbier is as refreshing as they come. Like the arrival of the last day of summer camp, it's gone before you know it.

Miss Jen
Blonde Ale - 5%

Who said coffee only belonged in stouts? Brewed with lactose and locally roasted Anthony's coffee, Miss Jen, named for the head brewer's wife, is the perfect summertime alternative to a heavier stout or porter.

Orange Mainesicle
Cream Ale - 5.5%

Brewed with lactose, orange and vanilla, Orange Mainesicle is a liquid take on the decadent treat that reminds us of chasing the ice cream truck! Subtly sweet, this beer pairs nicely with lighter foods and ocean views without tiring the palate.

Long Weekend
American Pale Ale - 5.5%

Best enjoyed at sunset overlooking the water on a long weekend, Long Weekend is a touch hoppier than a traditional pale ale, with notes of pineapple to give you a hint of fruity sweetness that brings it all together.

Extra Long Weekend
American Pale Ale - 5.5% ABV

Now this is a Pineapple Pale Ale! Forget what you know about Long Weekend, as Extra Long Weekend packs so much pineapple that you'll be asking yourself "have we reached the limit on how long the weekend can be?" The answer is no.

Short Board IPA
Session IPA - 5.1%

This crushable session ale strikes a balance between West Coast and New England IPA that makes it perfect for drinking all beach day long.

Surf Re-Evolution Ale
New England IPA - 5.8%

Brewed in collaboration with Grain Surfboards and for the Surf Re-Evolution festival, this crushable New England IPA is dry-hopped with Citra hops and topped off with orange peel for a juicy and smooth taste.

Dancing Madly Backwards
New England IPA - 6%

Dancin' will have you dancing from intense notes of peach and tropical citrus delivered by a healthy dose of Vic Secret and Cashmere in the dry hop, but at 6%, you're good to stay on the dance floor all night long.

Milpool Tropical IPA
New England IPA - 7%

Ideally, we'd serve Milpool in a coconut, no straw of course. We call this 7% New England IPA "tropical" because of the unique blend of experimental hops, Callista, Sabro and Aloha, that give off notes of coconut, guava and passionfruit.

Dance the Night Away
Double IPA - 8%

Our first Double IPA, this 8% New England style IPA riffs on our flagship ale Dancing Madly Backwards, featuring the familiar twists and twirls of Vic Secret and Cashmere, but boosts the juice with the addition of Citra in the dry hop. Crack one open and Dance the Night Away.

Intensive Purposes
Berliner Weiss - 4%

Lime and sours go together like famous movie quotes and the mandela effect. Intensive Purposes is a key lime pie inspired Berliner Weiss perfect for an afternoon off the beach.

Antithetic Aesthetic
White Stout - 8%

Rebellious and bold, the aesthetic of our new ale is antithetic to what you know as stout. Our White Stout clocking in at 8%, features massive notes of cocoa, with the subtle sweetness of vanilla cut with locally roasted Anthony's coffee, in a blonde-in-color and full bodied beer that'll make a unique addition to your winter stout collection.